StarWars AND StarTrek

ImageSo in a future post I will be writing about a particular moment in the chronicles of the Star Wars Universe (SWU) that was important enough to write it own post about. That moment was the moment the SWU met someone from another galaxy.

So the following is pretty spoilery, but I am trying to be vague.

Read ahead at your own risk.

Okay, so the galaxy on which the Star Wars Movie and Book focuses is doing pretty well for itself; they’ve got a fancy new government and now what they are really worried about is the smugglers who have formed a sort of union but are little more than gangsters now that there is no rebellion to aid. When from out of now an advance ship for an invasion fleet crash lands on a rim world. Now its take a while for anyone to notice their presence but eventually a Jedi (who have at this point retaken their place as peacekeepers) meets one of these aliens. When the Jedi tries to anticipate his moves he finds the the creature mind is obscured. The Jedi tries pushing him to the ground to bid for more time to regroup…nothing. This alien from another galaxy did not exist in the force.

Now at some point they figure some strategy out for dealing with these guys, but this fact is fairly significant. First of all it totally invalidate Obi-Wan’s speech about the Force “binding the universe together”. And also it makes it so that our universe and their universe are actually one and the same. If we are to assume that the Galaxy is far far from here then it would stand to reason that our galaxy might actually exist in their universe or vice versa. But here’s the thing, the events of the star wars universe also happened a “long” time ago.

If we apply this description of the distant past to all of the fiction associated with the movies than one could imagine a time when the inhabitants of the SWU galaxy might set out to explore and discover other galaxies. This would also make it not a coincidence that we look so much like them. And explain the disappointment on every child’s face when, after seeing Star Wars for the first time, they try to use the force. They were just born in the wrong galaxy. (stupid none force having galaxy)

This theory also means that we can overlay the Star Trek Universe (STU) along side the SWU. In this manner we could say that the SWU represents our distant past whose descendants go on to populate our own galaxy and that the STU represents our distant future. Making it so that the debate of which Universe is superior is now obsolete…

Okay so maybe not but I still think that it was a pretty cool thought.

And that’s my take on Star Wars meets Star Trek.


Excuse the less then excellent Sketch at the top, I want to have picture for each post but I am on a friends computer at the time of this posting and had to resort to MS Paint. Thanks.


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