Drunk Writing


So here I am in southern New England and we are in the middle of a blizzard, so… what have me and my fiancee decided to do? Gt drunk… and drunk I am.so , this is something of an experiment  and I swear at this moment to post this entry now matter the result. i will edit this so that it is legible

and post this in the morning eight-ish, I hope.(and yes I did type eight out twice while drunk) anyways, right now I am watching “The Clone Wars” ya know the animated series. pretty good, this is the first  episode that they have shown Kit Fisto, one of my brother’s favorite Jedi.. and …. is anyone else offended by that fact that they made his voice Jamaican  what is that just because he is sporting some dreads? That’s racist! And he has a Mon Calamari Padawan, is that just because he is amphibian? That’s speciesist! Man… for that record my spelling is terrible right now and I will probably have a terrible time editing this.

Man, has this only been one paragraph, screw writing drunk this takes too long… I’m just gonna watch some star wars and nod off. night everyone!

And that’s’ my take on drunk writing.

P.S. So much to the Hemingway method (and yes I did write this bit while drunk)

P.P.S. So the editing wasn’t that bad but I will try posting this with some other content, as I did not have the ware with all to see the whole thing through. Maybe some pictures.


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