Some feedback, please!


Jon Craven here. I just wanted to address you guys quickly. I have been posting everyday for a few weeks now and some folks have given me likes (Thank You) and others have started following me (Thank You, Thank You). I have noticed however that most of you seem to like my posts talking about art, and it got me thinking. Would you like me to focus on specific things? I have covered most of my areas of knowledge and experience in this short time, so if you have a few minutes, please, skim through my past posts and let me know what stuff you like most and would like to see more on.

I can’t promise I will never go off topic but if I have a bit more of a direction I can try to tackle my other interests through that lens.

This will not be the only post for the day, I plan on putting something up hopefully before 10:00am but we’ll see. Thanks again!


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