The Internet

InternetIt is not an uncommon opinion that things are worse than it ever been, people committing atrocities against each other and there is such a lack of sympathy for our fellow man that there is probably no saving us as a species.

I think this is bullshit. The fact of the matter is that while there may be less sympathy than ever I would argue that there is more empathy than there has ever been for the rest of the world. Empathy in my opinion is a more more powerful motivator for helping other than sympathy could ever be. Sympathy is the act of feeling for someone else’s plight, while empathy is the act of actually feeling someone elses pain. With empathy you are not only helping someone through their struggle you are helping yourself. There is one major contributor to this newly found empathy of the world that I think has brought us the farthest in terms of caring for one another. The factor is the Internet.

Since the popularization of the internet we have found and continues to find new ways of communicating with each other across all media platforms. We were, not so long ago, a sprawling behemoth that was too big to manage, like a person Gigantism whose heart struggles to pump blood to everywhere that needs it. Now we have an ever improving set of tools for finding information and collaborating with the rest of our world, and I for one am certain that a new cultural awakening is right around the corner, when we will stop thinking of ourselves as separate countries and nations, and begin seeing ourselves as one species.

The internet is truly a miracle, and not just from a cultural perspective, it’s also just fun. giving the average person access to every form of entertainment from video games to e-books, from forum debate to porn, the internet has it all. It even does a decent job of providing for lots of utilitarian needs, like right now I am using Google Drive to write this, so that I don’t have to buy a copy of the exorbitantly expensive, Microsoft Office. I also use the internet form most of my other electronic interactions.

I use Magicjack instead of a land line, and we also don’t get cable, we now use a combination, of,, Netflix, and downloads to completely substitute TV in general, we don’t even watch public broadcast and I can’t tell you how nice it is to be so commercial free, even dealing with the new commercials in Youtube and Hulu is nothing compared to the practical onslaught of ads that cable companies and television networks make you sit through. I’m not the only one either, more and more people that I am talking to especial people my age are switch nearly completely to internet for all of their communication and entertainment needs.

It’s building to the point where someday in, maybe as soon as, a decade their maybe be a collapse in the television industry as we know it and will take some fancy footwork on the part of the television networks to survive the switch to ‘Internet Broadcast’ as I am calling it. Also I think the these new wireless internet companies are the first step in that direction, since the Internet will be available anywhere and will become a wireless net covering the globe, as reliable as cell phones and conventional television. Making it all the easier to use the internet for television and radio broadcasts, where the raw systems like Hulu and I ❤ Radio will evolve into sophisticated and complicated networks for a new kind of programming.

I for one am excited to see all the new ways in which the internet will be used and it is all bring us all that much closer to that utopian Star Trek world, that I would very much like to see before I die.

And that’s my take on the internet.


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