CG Yoda

CGYodaThe other day I was listening to the Nerdist Podcast, which I highly recommend if you like the area where nerdiness meets hilarity  and they were talking with a guest about the Star Wars series, and someone posed the question: CG Yoda or Muppet Yoda? Now the context of this was, I believe, for which they would prefer to be used in the upcoming films by J J Abrams. But, one of the co hosts, Jonah ray had a not so surprising response of disgust with the CG Yoda from the new saga. I say not surprising, but I did find it strange that now one in that room had thought about this, so I thought that maybe there were other folks who hadn’t seen what I has seen.

Jonah’s response was a common one, most people who grew up with the muppet Yoda did not appreciate the appearance of the CG Yoda, especially since he did show up until Attack of the Clones. But what I saw when I watched this new surprisingly ninja-like, spring footed, CG Yoda was a progression being established. A progression from an aged but still very active and honed warrior this is Yoda, at his prime, as head of the Jedi Council. To a half crazy isolated old hermit that was introduced in the original saga.

This is a discussion that I have had with a few of my friends before, after having sat through a marathon done Chronologically. What you are shown by having this new vital and lethal version of Yoda in the new saga is the effects of the eighteen or so years he spent in near complete isolation on Dagobah. Another difference that you see is the range of his ability to sense thing with the force. He seems to be able to sense the events of the entire galaxy though the task is made difficult by the presence of the dark side.

At any rate, in light of this insight I have maintained that both versions of Yoda are necessary to communicate the events of Yoda experiences in the Star Wars sagas.

And that’s my take on the CG Yoda.

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