Human Rights

HumanRightsOne thing that makes America great is that the government tries it’s best to not dictate morality, the greatest controversies that are debated are over issues imposing these morality laws; abortion, civil unions, stem cell research. These issues are issues that have strong ethical questions and whose decisions are heavily influenced by one’s moral code, hence the controversy and the politicians hesitance to choose a side. And even though the government ought to take a more clear position on the fact that they have no right to enforce a morality on it’s citizens, they nonetheless arrived at a place where they are, for the most part, hindered from doing so.

Since every person has their own self defined moral code, one can not force the moral code of even a majority onto the rest of the population without violating the rights that is ensured by the US constitution. Now, I believe that these controversies are vital to the freedom that is enjoyed by the citizens of America, but a strange problem occurs in a system where the only commonality is that no one is right, is that no one is ever really wrong.

We have a way of dealing with this and it is called the legal system, but laws are often determined at the end of a debate over the controversies, and actually more often in the back room of some politician that stands to see a profit on the decision. Now this is unfortunate, but a pretty much unavoidable side effect of a representative republic; the more power a person has the easier they are to corrupt.

However, we have managed to get past all the corruption, squabbling, and backstabbing and come to some conclusions on a handful of subjects: murder, theft, physical assault or abuse. They have been resolved because these conclusions are very nearly universal in their acceptance. And while the world is far from perfect these simple agreements have made the world tremendously more peaceful. They are so effective because of their universal appeal, no one wants to die, everyone wants to keep what is theirs, no one wants to get hurt. So we all help enforce these mutual respects.

I think that it is time That we take this axiom, step back, take a look at the state of things, and include a couple more of these universal desires that we, as a global species, have and enforce them on each other. These factors that I think should be included into our self regulations should be, similarly, universal; and right after physical survival and safety comes, nourishment.

Just as everyone wants to live, and be safe, and keep what they have earned, everyone desires… no, requires Air in their lungs, clean water to drink, and food to eat. The only thing that is different between these needs is that they are violated not by someone elses action but by everyone elses inaction. But If you made it a legally enforceable right, that everyone were entitled to these three things, than you would forces the issues that threaten them to be dealt with.

What I am talking about here is not a socialist redistribution of resources, but simply a set of laws that would include these resources as being guaranteed by the global collective. In a way these rights are already accepted by humanity at large, which is why there are so many organizations in existence to help provide them to those who lack. But to have legal recourse available to those suffering, and to have legal grounds to prevent those would interfere with their availability, would be a boon to the worlds peoples.

After all if everyone has a right to to clean drinking water, than clearly it would be in violation to this right to pollute any on the world drinking water. If it were the right of all to have clean air to breathe the the worlds manufacturers would be criminally neglectively to let any place get as bad as Beijing has in recent months. If it were guaranteed by the worlds governments that everyone should have food enough to live, at least, then wouldn’t we all be obligated to lend a hand, and make sure there was enough to go around.

It’s an idea that has it’s fair share of flaws, not least of which is it’s problem of jurisdiction. But I believe that day is coming that not only will these rights be considered, but protected by the worlds governing bodies. In the meantime I think it’s up to every individual to recognize their fellow mans right to these resources and to behave accordingly.

And that’s my take on human rights.


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