Groundhog Day

NightWindsI just watched Groundhog Day, which led to the inevitable theorizing about how I would spend my eternal day. I have seen this movie dozens of times, and while it would be a lie to say that I think about it all the time it is no exaggeration to say that I have thought about this a lot. the most interesting aspect to about the Groundhog Day proposition, is not the freedom from consequence, which I would have fun with. No, the most interest prospect of being able to repeat the same day over and over is the time it affords you.

This is a fact that it takes Phil Connors rather a long time to figure out, of course he did have the benefit of seeing a movie like Groundhog Day. Once he figures it out of course he sees the possibilities. He learns to play the piano, he learns several languages, he seems to have picked up a number of medically related skills. He also, learns to sculpt and read all of the classics. Once the movie hits this point, even if it is the first time you are seeing it, you begin to think about what it is you would do with unlimited time.

It’s an interesting question, and is different from the question “What would you do with unlimited resources?”. Unlimited resources and you begin to think about things, and maybe if you have time you start to think about what you would do. But with unlimited time, it’s all about what you would do, what you would learn. You think about the things that you always wish you knew how to do, all the things you want to understand.

When I think on these things I almost always land on languages, and I definitely want to pick on an instrument or two. I would like to learn about biology, and learn to paint like the masters. I want to learn how to Blow glass, and sculpt ice, and sand. I want to Learn advanced mathematics, and various coding languages. I wish I could learn martial arts, and train in various survival techniques. I want to learn how to carpent, and how to design building, and how to build building for that matter. As the list grows, it becomes apparent that the real problem is that in our daily lives there are only so many hours and so we are forced to prioritize.

Top of the list are things that must be done; eating, drinking, breathing, sleeping, and cleaning ourselves. There goes a third of the day, so what do we do with the other two thirds? Well, most of those other things require money to do successfully, so we work, and that another eight hours a day, gone. Now we have about eight hours a day to play with, but they’re not our best eight, they are the leftovers, we gave the best up for twelve dollars an hour, if you’re lucky, and now… Well it’s now small wonder we don’t have time to do any of the things that we all wish we could. Now it no secret that there’s still time enough to do something, but once you add time wasted on television and video games you don’t have much to play around with.

Now I have successfully cut video games from my time suck, but there is still television, but I am working on that too. So, maybe you don’t really need a Groundhog Day after all, but it certainly would be amazing to get the chance. Imagine, you get the chance to finally spend all the time you need, practicing and learning, and the next day everyone sees that you have become an instant expert, in all these fields, overnight.

Anyways just, some random thoughts from my sick day.

And that’s my take on Groundhog Day.


I also did a quick painting, about 30-40 minutes, to make up for yesterdays lack of a written post. Find the painting here.


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