Apologies and Recent Events

TurtleSorry about my stark lack of post for the last ten or so days, I have been sick and am finally feeling myself again, so in addition to getting back on my diet, I will be getting back on schedule for the project and hopefully even cranking up the production schedule a bit to make up for the lost time.

I have recently started writing some longer form fiction, I’m not sure where they are going but I hesitate to post any of it until it finished and I have had a chance to do some editing, something I don’t always do when a ton of for my daily posts. I hesitate because I was given the advice that when writing anything you should keep the process private so that you don’t get in your own head about whether or not it is good. The idea is that in the first and even second drafts the most important part is whether or not it is even done, not so much whether or not it’s good. Get it done it the sentiment, if you want to show people the thing then go crazy.

This advice seems pretty sound but I’m not sure. My problem is that I have found that the only way I can manage to keep myself motivated in this, as of yet, profitless endeavor, that’s not to say fruitless only profitless, is to stick to a strict schedule. I mean even giving myself a sick day or two snow balled into almost two weeks with me making almost nothing. So this is the dilemma I am faced with, I need to stick with my schedule or the whole project will be lost to the endless list of distractions and chores, but I feel a real desire to write this fiction.

I’m not even sure how long it will end up being, it may just be a few pages, in which case I feel perfectly fine posting as I go since I probably won’t get too much interfering advice and feedback before the story is finished, but if I get on a role and the thing ends up being a full novel then not only will it be awkwardly long for the blog post format but it will mean that I will start questioning the direction of the work before its even whole. Perhaps the best solution is a sort of hybrid of the two. I think that maybe for this story what I will do is keep writing my short form daily posts I can talk about the research I am doing and what the process is like and then I will post the chapters as I finish them on a separate page.

Okay well I think that will do for now, I can always adjust the plan later. Alright, that’s all for today.

Here is a link for today’s Painting, previewed in the banner above.


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