My name is Jonathan Craven I am an artist, writer and general nerd. I love writing but don’t do it often enough, so to begin with I am blogging every day for a year. I’ve come up with some writing points, so hopefully this will be as interesting to read as it is to write.

I will try to get some other pages and links up relating to my other work, soon.

I would like to clarify something that some people may be confused about upon reading my blog. I am not a professional anything, my exact qualifications are as follows, I am a Bachelor of Fine Arts focussing in sculpture. I am an avid reader, of science fact and science fiction, I also like fantasy and and biographic accounts, especially from the first person. I am, what I would generously call a casual movie buff, that is to say I enjoy watching and analysing movies but do not have the patience to memorize a huge number of facts and trivia about the movies creators or  the actors or film crew in general. In the course of my education in undergraduate school I became acquainted with several other areas of study that peeked my interest, Philosophy, Physics, Astronomy, Logic, Biology, Neurobiology, Chemistry, Science History, and Graphic Design. Since my introduction to these subject and my subsequent graduation I have pursued what is best described as a casual study of them. I am not an expert, I do however enjoy learning, and even more so sharing what I learn.

Since my Fiancee has grow weary of hearing the abundance of random fact and trivia that I have absorbed I felt that a more healthy outlet for my enthusiasm might be the internet. I am also a library worker, and have been for several years, the pay is good and the hours are okay, but the the work is not exactly challenging, so I also thought that in giving myself the challenge of maintaining a blog for at least a year might inspire me to rise above my daily routine of waiting for the day to end. This blog was not started as a means of acquiring wealth popularity or fame, it was simple a way for me to express myself and engage a part of my brain that has atrophied since my graduation.

I hope that some of my musing prove to be educational or encouraging or maybe even inspiring. I don’t expect that it will ever become my main source of income and maybe not ever a source of extra income. I don’t think my opinion is any more interesting than anyone else’s, simply that it is at least as interesting as anyone else’s, which in my opinion is actually quite interesting. The only thing that I have promised myself do get out of this process is a means to more growth. Growth as a writer , artist, movie buff, and science enthusiast. Nothing more and nothing less, I hope to find out more about myself and the world. I was once told that the best way to learn about something is to have to teach someone else. So here you are internet, my pupil, I will teach you what I learn and in doing so I hope to learn all the more.

If you  have read this far and don’t think I am a pretentious dick… Thanks for reading.

If you have, however, come under the notion that I am in someway arrogant, or ignorant, or any other -ant please, let me know exactly what you think in the comments, and I will do my best to reflect on your criticism and learn from it.


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