CG Yoda

CGYodaThe other day I was listening to the Nerdist Podcast, which I highly recommend if you like the area where nerdiness meets hilarity  and they were talking with a guest about the Star Wars series, and someone posed the question: CG Yoda or Muppet Yoda? Now the context of this was, I believe, for which they would prefer to be used in the upcoming films by J J Abrams. But, one of the co hosts, Jonah ray had a not so surprising response of disgust with the CG Yoda from the new saga. I say not surprising, but I did find it strange that now one in that room had thought about this, so I thought that maybe there were other folks who hadn’t seen what I has seen.

Jonah’s response was a common one, most people who grew up with the muppet Yoda did not appreciate the appearance of the CG Yoda, especially since he did show up until Attack of the Clones. But what I saw when I watched this new surprisingly ninja-like, spring footed, CG Yoda was a progression being established. A progression from an aged but still very active and honed warrior this is Yoda, at his prime, as head of the Jedi Council. To a half crazy isolated old hermit that was introduced in the original saga.

This is a discussion that I have had with a few of my friends before, after having sat through a marathon done Chronologically. What you are shown by having this new vital and lethal version of Yoda in the new saga is the effects of the eighteen or so years he spent in near complete isolation on Dagobah. Another difference that you see is the range of his ability to sense thing with the force. He seems to be able to sense the events of the entire galaxy though the task is made difficult by the presence of the dark side.

At any rate, in light of this insight I have maintained that both versions of Yoda are necessary to communicate the events of Yoda experiences in the Star Wars sagas.

And that’s my take on the CG Yoda.

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Fourthland: A Fanfic of Many Dimensions

FlatlandFanficYesterday, I wrote about Flatland and how it talked Beings the exist in lower dimensions. And as hard as it might be to think of some form of life existing in four dimensions it doesn’t mean that it is impossible. And if we apply the same experiences that were outlined in Flatland, an encounter with a four-dimensional being might go something like this.

You hear a voice seemingly from nowhere then a form appears in front of you he seems to have a human form but he is far too perfect, in every way and seeming both beautiful and artificial at the same time. he tells you that he is not a man but a Hyperman from a Land with four dimensions. You scoff a tell him that this can’t be since you can see him, touch him, and while you are not sure how he manage his arrival you are quite certain that he is human. As a demonstration he disappears once again and from his vantage point of the fourth dimensional position he tells you what is happening in the next room and in the house next door. You check and the creature seems to be telling the truth, but  you are not convinced,”its a trick”, you are sure. He then goes on to describe your internal organs explaining that from his position he can easily see everything inside and out about you. As another demonstration of his honesty he dips a figure into your throat and you immediately gag feeling the pressure inside you esophagus. The “hyperman” apologizes for the discomfort, but at this point you have had enough you scream telling him to depart and now. You are sure that he is a madman or a wizard or both. In a last ditch effort to convince you, he offers to show you the world as he experiences it and brings you into Fourthland, giving you four dimensions.

You see how fast the universe is in the other direct, a sort of in and out direction if you will. the world is exactly a infinite but somehow bigger. You turn around and see Spaceland as the hyperman refers to it and you see what feels like everything, much more than you could see in a single glance before, you see people’s insides and outside together, its not x-ray its as if they are transparently solid. Your words fail, Spaceland simply does not have the vocabulary it seems.

So after you return to Spaceland as you are now referring to it your thank the Hyperman for opening your eyes and vow to spread the word and tell everyone what you have learned. He bids you goodbye, glad that he has finally convinced you. But as you begin telling people what you have seen you remember the ineffable quality of what you have seen and struggle to make other understand. you begin to resort to parables and analogy, but they are woefully inadequate. Some choose to believe you but mostly out of some loyalty to you, not from any true understanding, and most, understandably choose to dismiss you claims and non-sense, which is what is sounds like, even to your own ears as the months pass. And soon you find it easier and more satisfying to help people live better lives, since there is no helping them see the fourth dimension.

Ultimately you convince yourself that it was a dream, and you stop bringing it up even in private moments. You long to see that vision again but you are afraid that it is lost forever and that you are trapped in Spaceland for the rest of your life. When the end of your life approaches you hope to yourself that once you pass from this world you might joint the hyperman, which you are not sure you ever really met, in Fourland.