Underhill Kingdom

UnderhillKingdomI am feeling a bit under the weather today, I think I am coming down with something. I did not write a new post for to day but I will try to do a double post tomorrow. For now I did finish this painting albeit late.

This one is a painting of a fantasy style kingdom carved from a mountain. I think that it came out okay. I need to work on my edges for buildings, I find my self getting lost as I try to come up with a convincing geometry for a city. Maybe I will try to do a couple of studies of cityscapes.

Anyways here’s the link for the full version of the banner image.


Sunday Speed Paint

SP2So this is a little late, because I got wrapped up with Easter stuff, But I did get my five paintings done, Ten minutes each as usual, I feel like I was able to get a bit more detail, and I also tried to put in a human scale reference in each this time. They are are still a bit rough but I don’t expect these to ever reach the level of a polished finished product in just ten minutes. The real hope for me is to get in the habit of roughing out a composition that I am happy with in as little time as possible so the the rest of the time spend on my work can go into making strong perspective and adding interesting details.

Here today’s link to the weekly speed paint, Thanks for visiting!